No Kindle for Me

The Kindle 2 is tempting, but I like to own my books. With the Sony Reader or Amazon Kindle, I can’t sell my books.  If either Sony or Amazon goes away, I lose my books. That doesn’t make sense. Gizmodo has an interesting article describing how leasing books and denying the first sale doctrine may be illegal, I’m not hopeful. I’m old fashioned, if I buy a book, I want to own that book and have use of it for the rest of my life. With the Amazon Kindle or Sony Reader, I have it for the life of the respective company or the hardware, whichever expires first.

If I was licensing the book from the publisher and the media was available on all hardware, I’d be less concerned. Even then, though, publishers could go under and sometimes rights holders of media can’t be bothered to keep licensing their copyrighted material. Also, the loss of arbitrage and secondary markets in a license-only world would be troubling, but not a deal breaker for me. Buying the same content again to be usable on the technology du jour is a huge deal breaker.

Drop the DRM, open the format and I’ll buy a kindle.



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