C++ Round-Up

Here’s a round-up of interesting links I’ve recently come across related to C++:

dcc – A decompiler that outputs C code. It’s very restricted and the derivative project, Boomerang, appears to be abandoned. It’s hard to see how this could replace OllyDbg, but it’s an interesting piece of work.

Boost Memory Mapped Files – Boost has been solving core problems of C++ for years in a cross-platform way. I’m glad to have finally noticed this addition.

chSoftIntegration has a product that is a scripting language with C++ syntax. According to their web page, the scripting engine can read C++ source files. The idea of code re-use for scripting is interesting, but I suspect shortcomings exist. Also, with all the modules for Perl at CPAN, it’s hard to see the value.

Spec – An interesting idea of embedding specifications into C++ in a readable manner to support Behavior-Driven Development (BDD).



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